The automotive control arm connects the steering knuckle to the frame. It also stabilizes the vehicles. It allows the chassis and the wheels to move together with the car. All control arms are located on the axle by the two front wheels. There are two different types of control arms. They are Strut Type Suspension or MacPherson Strut Suspension. Each control arm should last you about 90,000 miles and 100,000 miles. Cars have either two control arms or four. These could be upper or lower control arms. This usually depends on the type of suspension your vehicle has.


When you replace your control arm, you also replace your ball joints with it! The ball joints are located on the wheel side of your vehicle. Your vehicle’s car control arm is a part of your suspension system. The control arm allows your vehicle to drive straight. This automotive part is essential for all automotive operations. Tedious Repairs understands hour control arms’ importance to your vehicle’s operation. That is why we offer 5-star automotive control arm replacement on all makes and all models. So, if you need a car control arm replacement, call Tedious Repairs today!


Car control arms have always been included in your vehicle’s suspension system. Obadiah Elliott invented the suspension system, which consists of the control arm. The automotive suspension system was first developed in 1904. In 1906, the final adjustments were made. By this time, all automobiles, cars, motorcycles, and other automobiles, were equipped with a suspension system. This was a significant advancement in automotive history.


Tedious Repairs has been replacing car control arms since 2007. Our expert team of mechanics has over 15 years of experience and is highly qualified to repair your automobile’s potential needs. Tedious Repairs is your number-one dealership alternative for any automotive repair. Tedious Repairs can help you with anything you need for auto repair! So please, if you need anything, give us a call or book an online appointment today! We will have you in and out as soon as possible—car control arm replacement near me in Chico, CA.

Buddy Rausch

Buddy Rausch

Buddy started his auto career journey at Butte College and started his own auto repair company in 2007. Since then he has worked on countless cars, diagnosing, repairing, and replacing worn, faulty, and broken parts.

After a few years, he moved to a bigger shop to accommodate his growth and to better serve the Chico, CA community. It’s a family-owned & operated business.

Outside of work Buddy enjoys spending time with his family and playing softball is one of his many passions.

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