Lost Car Keys

January 10, 2023

Lost Car Keys


Key Fob


Chico’s Lost car keys are a nightmare! Almost everyone has done it. Unfortunately, vehicle owners lose car keys; it happens… It could ruin your day if you let it, but why? You have found a place that makes it a breeze. If you have to tow on your insurance or want a place we recommend, I will try browns or north valley, pulling in Chico.


Your favorite local auto repair shop in Chico, Tedious Repairs, has acquired a new skill! We now have a key-cutting machine and programming software to get our customers through any critical nightmares they may have! So if you have lost your car keys, we can program a new fob to your vehicle if it is towed over to us!

Read about how this remarkable, life-saving machine operates and fun, attractive, need-to-know facts about your car keys to help you in the long run! Also, read how Tedious Repairs can help if all keys are lost, Chico!

Did you know that there are multiple types of car keys? Well, there is! The two are a Transponder key and a Smart key. There is a big difference between the two. Most newer cars, such as cars made from 1998-2022, have a Smart key, and older vehicles from 1998 and older have the Transponder key. The differences may seem subtle to you, but they are paramount! For instance, a Transponder key can not be used to power or unlock a car that requires a Smart key. And vise versa



Chrysler invented the first car key in 1949. The first car keys were flip essential style car keys. Double-sided cars key began to be manufactured in the 1960s. In the 1980s, car keys began to advance technology-wise.

Also, in the 80s, car keys began to have remote entry doors. Laser-cut cars key began to be developed in the 1990s but were unsuccessful. Also, in the 1990s, different key shapes were created.

The first key fob was invented in 1982. After that, Renault Fuego created it. The first transponder key followed her built-in 1985.


A Transponder key is still commonly used but is an older kind of key. This key is made for older make and models. Transponder keys are keys you insert into your vehicle’s ignition instead of pressing the start ignition button. Fun Fact, the first

The transponder car key was made by General Motors back in the mid-1900s! These keys are used in cars such as Toyota, Chevy, Honda, Hyundai, and more! These keys are made, but they are not as common as they used to be before Smart keys. Fear not, Tedious Repairs can still use their trusted key-cutting tool to replicate a key for you quickly!


Replacing your car key can be a difficult task on your own. For Tedious Repairs, diagnosing and problem-solving your fundamental dilemma is easier! We use our problem-solving steps every time! First, we take an un-cut replica of your vehicle’s make and model key. Then, we identify your key types, year, make, and model fits. Next, we obtain your key’s security code using our high-tech machines. Then, we precisely cut the key! Finally, we program the key to the visible for proper installation and usage.

Although this machine is high-tech and wonderful, it comes with many add-ons. These necessary add-ons include the essential tool max, key fobs, and critical clickers. These are crucial for key-cutting operations to take place. The Key Tool Max is a tablet-like tool that connects to the Automatic Key Cutting Machine via Bluetooth. This allows wire-free, easy accessibility for all employees. The key fobs and critical clickers are, of course, a requirement to replace your key. The key clicker requires a button cell battery and a small, circular silver battery. Key clickers need to have these cell batteries to operate.


Have you lost your car key? Don’t worry, Tedious Repairs, located in Chico, has recently adopted a car key-cutting machine! We welcome you to come and try this new service for us! Our new tool has come in handy f r many people. This t “used machine “s a lifesaver!” If you need a new car key or have a spare, we’ve got your back! We are happy to have your service, whether it be an auto repair or even a car key replacement; we are here to help! I lost my car keys near me in Chi o, California. Call or book an appointment online today!

Buddy Rausch

Buddy Rausch

Buddy started his auto career journey at Butte College and started his own auto repair company in 2007. Since then he has worked on countless cars, diagnosing, repairing, and replacing worn, faulty, and broken parts.

After a few years, he moved to a bigger shop to accommodate his growth and to better serve the Chico, CA community. It’s a family-owned & operated business.

Outside of work Buddy enjoys spending time with his family and playing softball is one of his many passions.

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