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January 10, 2023


Radiator replacement in Chico at Tedious Repairs is standard on vehicles older than ten years. Nowadays, radiators are not built with the same quality they once were. Radiators used to be made out of copper and other metals without plastic tops. Since the emergence of plastic lids, radiators have become much cheaper to purchase. If you are looking for a local auto repair shop to work on your cooling system, fix coolant leaks, or need a mechanic, give us a buzz today—top-rated radiator repair near me in Chico, California.

In return, the life span of these cooling units has been reduced tremendously. In addition, plastic tops fail where the crimps from the metal core meet the plastic lid and bottoms. This causes coolant leaks and usually results in a new radiator once a pressure check confirms the leak.

These plastic tops love to crack. The plastic on radiator tops loves to hairline break quite easily. Nowadays bla, CK plastic tank tops become brown and brittle in about ten years. Even though you have not cracked your unit, nor have the crimps begun to leak, we recommend replacing your team before your left with an unpleasant surprise.


A radiator is your motorized vehicle’s object that transfers heat from your engine. A car or truck is used to cool down a machine when it is hot to prevent overheating. The radiator is the heart of your machine’s cooling system.


The radiator will work once the thermostat opens at the correct operating temperature. Once the thermostat opens up, coolant will complete its circulation process, allowing coolant to be pumped into the entire cooling system. This allows the radiator to do its job.

The radiator also needs around 13 pounds of pressure from the radiator cap to build tension in your system, raising the boiling point of the coolant.

A few things need to be suitable to cool down efficiently. Ideally, you want to transfer as much heat as possible from your engine to prevent overheating damage.

Once the engine is cooled down with coolant flow, the liquid will come back through the radiator. The radiator has fins that dramatically reduce coolant temperature as it passes through the rods.


A properly cared for radiator should last you 8-10 years. When your temperature gauge is running high, your radiator is being put to the test. Most units fail because of overheating, lack of coolant flushes, and poor-quality parts.


Radiators could fail for many reasons. One reason is rust. This is the biggest reason that radiators will fail. Salt, humidity, weather, and more are reasons rust could form on radiators. When rust begins forming on your radiator, it will slowly stop working until it completely decays or leaks. Coolant flushes can help keep the inside of the radiator working as long as possible. Another reason is physical damage. For example, your radiator could be physically damaged by something and need to be replaced. Rocks, road hazards, and collision accidents are other leading causes of failure. Electrolysis is a chemical decomposing. Metal inside your engine slowly breaks free, flowing in the cooling system. It is essential to flush out the cooling system every  4-5 years on older cars to prevent this build-up. GM and another vehicle with DexCool claim that their coolant lasts a long time. This may be true, but when customers do not change the antifreeze on these vehicles, the cooling system may be clogged with sludge. DexCool turns into a creamy nightmare if not changed when recommended.
Coolant Pressure Check

Only the oil and a few fans are left to reduce engine heat when the coolant has gone empty. Unfortunately, the oil will overheat, leaving nothing to protect the engine from friction heat. Oil can even charge and get stuck to the engine’s internal components. After that, you’re looking at a new engine or head gasket.


Franz san Gali made the first radiator. He made the radiator in 1857. It was initially put in bathrooms, bedrooms, houses, and other buildings! The first car radiator was in the early 1900s. Wilhelm Maybach invented it. The first to have a radiator was the Ford Model A.  Volks Wagon switched its radiators over to aluminum radiators. They switched these over in 1970. After this radiator came the Copper/Brass radiator. Both radiators are still used today.


Radiator corrosion is expected due to environmental factors like rain and mud and can even happen due to chemical degradation under rare circumstances. Over time, all-metal and mechanical parts will wear and rust until they need to be replaced… go as we all, like dust in the wind… sigh. But I digress. The same goes for gaskets, hose connectors, and metallic radiator parts. Physical damage says from accidents can also cause damage.

Bad engine coolant is one of the chemical causes of radiator holes. Unfortunately, some cheap coolants aren’t even good enough to do the job and allow the engine to heat quickly despite the presence of coolant. This is why you’re using the correct engine coolant for the job. Use this chart from Valvoline to determine which engine coolant is suitable for your engine:

Valvoline “The Colors of Coolant”


The video below is from us working on a coolant pressure check on a radiator leak in our auto shop in Chico, CA:

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There’s not much more you can do to fix your radiator beyond the options above unless you can do it yourself. Our service writer can book you a FREE radiator quote online. We are willing to give you a quick look. However, we must charge you for a pressure check or other work.

Do you know what else is cool? Not having a friggin’ radiator leak. Got radiator problems? We can help. Give Tedious Repairs a call using the contact information below. We’ll be glad to help you with any coolant leaks, including issues with the thermostat, gaskets, freeze plugs, hoses, heater cores, or whatever else may give you trouble.

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Tedious Repairs has been fixing Radiators for over 15 years. Offering Radiator repair for all makes and models! Since 2007, Tedious Repairs has been offering the Butte community high-quality automotive services.

Tedious Repairs offers everything auto repair related that you may need. Here are some of our service options: oil changes, brake replacement, transmission fluid service, windshield wiper replacement, and more! For repairs, we offer transmission, radiator repair, engine, and many more different kinds of repairs! We also provide locksmith services! Top-rated radiator repair near me in Chico, California.

When It’s time for a radiator repair or replacement, call or book an online appointment with us today!


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Buddy Rausch

Buddy Rausch

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