Smoke Test

January 11, 2023

Automotive smoke test


What is an automotive smoke test? A smoke test is used to test your vehicle’s vacuum seals. When performing a smoke test, your automotive technician uses a high-tech smoke machine that pumps white smoke through the vehicle’s vacuum seals. After the smoke has been injected into the vacuum seals, the mechanic must observe what happens next. If they spot white smoke, there is a leak in the vacuum seals. If they do not, there isn’t a leak.


A few things could happen when you have a smoke test performed on your vehicle: one, nothing. No white smoke could be seen, and your car could be acceptable. Two, white smoke could be spotted, meaning a leak in your vehicle’s vacuum seal. This would mean that your vacuum seals need to be replaced.

A faulty vacuum seal can cause your engine to fill up with air. This will cause problems with your vehicle’s engine. This will result in engine performance issues which could result in crucial engine issues.


If your vehicle’s check engine light comes on, it may be time for a smoke test. Hesitation, stalling, high and constant idling, and hissing and sucking noises are all signs of an issue with your vehicle’s vacuum system may have a leaking line, seal, or sensor. Proper inspection is required to determine if your car needs a smoke test or regular diagnostic test instead.


Tedious Repairs has been performing smoke tests since 2007. At Tedious Repairs, we understand how important your vehicle is. We take pride in offering the best automotive repair in chico, California. If your check engine light is on, signaling that you need automotive assistance, bring your vehicle down to Tedious Repairs today!

Buddy Rausch
Buddy Rausch

Buddy started his auto career journey at Butte College and started his own auto repair company in 2007. Since then he has worked on countless cars, diagnosing, repairing, and replacing worn, faulty, and broken parts.

After a few years, he moved to a bigger shop to accommodate his growth and to better serve the Chico, CA community. It’s a family-owned & operated business.

Outside of work Buddy enjoys spending time with his family and playing softball is one of his many passions.

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